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While many often write about relationships, particularly love writing about our past, current journey as a single lady, and eventually marriage. While dating expertise makes qualified to write about these, don't think I am an expert in them. There are lots of other sources out there for information and help. These are more for entertainment purposes. As a professional relationship expert though, my focus is on the advice I give on how to develop these experiences into loving relationships that can last a lifetime.

In many cases, the best source of relationship information comes from your own relationship history. What have you done? Did you do what you were supposed to? If you didn't then ask yourself why you didn't make the most out of your dating experience. There are many people who get married and divorce many times because they don't know the true depth of their relationship with their significant other.

While many dating gurus make a big deal about all the romantic moves they make (which I wholeheartedly endorse) I only stress these moves if you are serious about developing long term meaningful relationships. As a relationship expert I only recommend these if you are looking to build something long lasting and have the intention to make it last. The four horsemen of dating are:

A. Avoid the Four Horsemen of Dating - Avoid being a friend-of-a-nee. The other guys, my friends, are not out there making a steady stream of steady dating advances. They are typically out there partying with the girls, playing golf, having dinner with the boys, and going on dates with the girls. You want to be a stable, mature, experienced relationship expert who is looking to develop meaningful relationships and not a guy looking to bump into the next woman in line.

B. Be a Conscious Dating Expert - Being a conscious dating expert is key in helping people determine when to pursue casual dating vs. serious dating. Most of the relationship experts I spoke with made it clear that couple retreat is generally a good idea if you are willing to invest some time and effort building a relationship with a specific person. Unless you have built a relationship that has some depth, then you should only be considering serious dating to ensure that you will be able to build a long lasting and meaningful relationship.

C. Be a Dating Coach or Relationship Consultant - You may be a relationship expert, but it doesn't mean you are a relationship coach or relationship consultant. We see many dating coaches and relationship consultants make the mistake of assuming that everyone needs a consulting relationship. That's not the case. It is okay to consult with your significant other on how to move forward with a potential relationship. However, as a dating coach or relationship consultant, it is important that you stay away from telling your significant other that he or she needs your help!

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